About Us

CSI was founded in January of 1997 as Food Service Solutions. Got incorporated in March of 2002.

Warranty of Service Policy

Since our objective is total customer satisfaction, it follows that in the case we fail to achieve it, and the customer is not satisfied, he/she does not have to pay for it. Simply stated, if the customer is not fully satisfied, the meal is on us!

Food Safety

Our unwritten promise is to "protect the health of our customers by serving healthful food in a hygienic and sanitary manner." The safety of this food also greatly depends on our knowledge to handle it and to store it. CSI implements systems and techniques to ensure the safety of our product. These are in accordance with the regulations established by our local, state, and federal health authorities. All of our employees have their proper health cards and are additionally trained by CSI on food handling issues. For example, the Temperature of the food is monitored constantly. Cold food will be served cold (below 41 Fahrenheit) and hot food "hot" (above 140 Fahrenheit); always out of the danger zone. No items will be stored on the floor at a minimum of 6" above it.

Menu Variety

The sample menu attached was developed using our familiarity with the likes and dislikes of customers throughout the years. Our knowledge increases as new customer demand new options.


CSI believes that high quality of ingredients is essential to a nutritious menu. We prepare all dishes from scratch using only the highest quality ingredients and will never sacrifice quality for the sake of profit. We believe that customers can recognize quality when they see it and they will likely become partners for a long time.


The quality of service has a direct relationship with the effectiveness of the training given to employees. Thus, training, along with good pay, is perhaps the most valuable tool CSI can give its employees. Absenteeism and high turnover are indicative of a lack of interest and respect towards one's job. Nonetheless, in most cases, this is a direct result of ineffective or non-existing training and poor pay. We at CSI have effective training programs that teach employees not only the "how" but also the "why" of things. This will yield highly motivated employees who can proudly and professionally represent our company.